Thinking about spending a year or a semester in the US as part of your American Studies degree here at the University of Kent? Meet our student bloggers, who are doing just that, and find out what it’s really like to live and study in America:

Richard Milford – spending a year at Indiana University, Bloomington

Richard pic

I’m Richard Milford, I’m originally from Oxford and I signed up for American Studies at Kent for two reasons: one was that I didn’t want to specialise in any of the humanities straight out of school and was looking for a broad approach to a subject; secondly for the opportunity to study abroad. I’ve been working with charities and travelling over the world since I was 14 and I’m looking to get into the NGO field after a Master’s in International Development and Conflict Resolution. I’m settling in well to Indiana and it appears to be the start of something great. I’m looking for a different experience and exposure to a new culture (surprisingly different to our own!).

Greta Tugwell – spending a semester at UCLA, Los Angeles

Greta Hollywood picHi, I’m Greta and I’m just beginning my final year as an American Studies (three-year programme) student, the first term of which I’ve decided to spend studying in Los Angeles, at UCLA, where I will be taking American literature modules.  I chose to do the semester abroad mainly because I’ve never been to the U.S. before and want to experience first-hand the culture that I’ve studied so much.  Los Angeles in particular appealed to me because of its size, incredible diversity and because I had already learned quite a bit about the city. (The sunny climate and beaches also helped sway my decision!) I also signed up because I’ve never lived anywhere other than London and Canterbury and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try something completely unfamiliar and enjoy new experiences which I wouldn’t have had otherwise!

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