Flavours of The Americas Menus: 7 June – 11 June

The Summer Festival of Food

Beef burritos on a board

Smokeworks BBQ

  • Sticky baby back ribs and spicy chicken wings with a sub roll and bourbon BBQ sauce
  • Classic American cheeseburger
  • Bubba Gump BBQ shrimp, zucchini and eggplant skewers served in a sub roll with New Orleans sauce
  • Barbecued sweet potato with pulled Oumph!, corn and beans topped with homemade BBQ sauce (Ve)

The Street Kitchen

  • Pulled chicken burrito filled with rice, tomato salsa, salad and Mexican cheese
  • Spiced mushroom burrito filled with rice, mango salsa, salad and vegan cheese
  • Sides: nachos – upgradie by adding chicken or mushroom topping
  • Dessert: churros with chocolate sauce, salted caramel sauce or cinnamon dusting

(Ve) – Suitable for vegans