Flavours of Europe Menus: 10 May – 14 May

The Summer Festival of Food

BBQ street food

Smokeworks BBQ

  • Homemade beef burger with smoked bacon, gorgonzola and basil
  • Chargrilled chicken Caesar salad
  • Portobello mushroom burger with pesto and vegan cheese (Ve)
  • Sides: garlic doughballs, cheese doughballs

The Street Kitchen

  • Porchetta roll with melted smoked mozzarella and a rosemary aioli
  • Grilled aubergine, vegan mozzarella and artichoke calzone
  • Sides: parmesan polenta chips with a pesto dip
  • Dessert: choice of gelato, choose from coconut (Ve), Sicilian pistachio, cookies and cream


(Ve) – Suitable for vegans