Flavours of Africa Menus: 17 May – 21 May

The Summer Festival of Food

African peanut stew

Smokeworks BBQ

• Moroccan chicken wings
• South African-style boerewors sausages with Mrs Ball’s chutney (please note, boerewors contain a mixture of beef, lamb and pork)
• Moroccan spiced cauliflower steak (Ve)
• Sides: chakalaka (Ve)

The Street Kitchen

• Chicken suya with jollof rice and fried plaintain
• West African peanut stew with turmeric rice (Ve)
• Sides: black eyed bean fritter with hot sauce
• Dessert: Malva cake

Ile Afrik

• Jollof Rice (V)
• Jollof rice and stewed beef
• Jollof rice and chicken
• Fried rice (V)
• Fried rice with chicken
• African wrap (curry sauce, rice, rocket, plaintain, chicken strips (optional), feta cheese (optional)
• African wrap with bean cake (V)
• Sharwama wrap (halal chicken/beef/hotdog)
• Wrap in a box (African wrap in a box – gluten free option)

(Ve) – vegan (V) – vegetarian