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The Tizard Centre recently welcomed 5 experts from Japan who were visiting Prof Murphy, Dr Neil Sinclair and Aida Malovic. They were discussing the SOTSEC-ID programme which Glynis and Neil trained them to use in Japan last August. The programme is set to roll out in Japan over the next year or so. The group are also visiting Dr Peter Langdon in his Norfolk base to discuss his EQUIP programme.

The experts from Japan are seeking as much information as possible about treatment programmes for people with IDD since a court case in Japan where a man with autism was sentenced to 20 years in prison, on the grounds that there were no treatment programmes available to help reduce his risk. Following appeal he will be released earlier for treatment.

The group included:

1. Tokio Uchiyama, M.D., Ph.D, Professor, Faculty of Human Development and Culture, Fukushima University Graduate School &  Director, Yokohama Psycho-Developmental Clinic.
2. Mayumi Horie,Professor in Psychology, Shiraume Gakuen University & President, Protection and Advocacy-Japan
3. Jiro Masuya, M.D.Ph.D., Professor, Fukushima University, Fukushima Child Mental Health-care Centre
4. Yoshiko Hashimoto (Ms), Attorney, Kitasenju Public Law Office
5. Masako Suzuki (Ms), Interpreter

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