Word of the Week

2nd February 2015:

‘ailurophile’ (n.): A cat lover

‘ailurophobe’ (n.): Someone with an abnormal or persistent fear of cats

3rd March 2014:

‘nihilarian’ (n.) A person who deals with things of no importance (i.e. whose life/work is trivial)

11th March 2014:

‘Eudaimonia’ (n.) lit. “human flourishing”; a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

Pronunciation: “U-de-‘mOn-E-a

17th March 2014:

‘Shemomedjamo’ (Georgian) : To eat past the point of being full just because the food tastes good.

24th March 2014:

‘Ballyhoo’ (n.):¬†Extravagant publicity or fuss

1st April 2014:

‘Grawlix’ (n.); the string of symbols used in comics or graphic novels to illustrate profanity

‘Tittle’ (n.); the dot on a lower case ‘i’

17th October 2014:

‘Tintinnabulation’ (n.); the ringing or sounding of bells.

11th November 2014:

‘Geram’ (adj. Malay); angry or fustrated