Pigments of Life

A duo display of artworks by Sara Choudhrey and Michael Green
17 October – 9 December 2016

Pigments of Life, an exhibition by Sara Choudhrey and Michael Green

Pigments of Life illustrates the world around us through different yet similar eyes.

The selected artworks are a testament to the influence of the beauty and mysteries of the natural world. They feed into creativity, contributing to an ever-changing hybrid society.

Artists Sara Choudhrey and Michael Green highlight that regardless of our differences and similarities as a diasporic community scattered around the world, at the root of everything we all value, and often take for granted, our beautiful natural environment. Our basic make-up will always keep us connected.

Together, Sara and Michael provide a stunning and colourful array of visuals, not only acknowledging our hybrid and global community, but also celebrating it.