EARC Technicians’ Network Launch Symposium

Friday 7th July 2023

On Friday technical staff, from the Universities of Kent, Essex and East Anglia, got together for the Eastern Arc (EARC) Technicians’ Network Launch Symposium. The symposium was held at the University of Essex and facilitated crucial and exciting discussions between technical staff about the network, research, sharing of knowledge, training, equipment and their roles in HE. The day was filled with workshops, an eye opening and informative talk by Catrin Harris from MI Talent on ‘Enhancing research culture for technical staff’, facility tours, communication, collaboration and networking. We were thrilled with the turn out for this event, the connections made and the feedback provided. The discussions have led to some important and exciting ideas for the network and for future collaborations.

The network’s steering group will be meeting this week to go over what was discussed at the symposium. Plans for the future of the network will be made based on the feedback from technical staff to further support and develop the technical community at each of the universities.

Technical staff feeding back their ideas and key points from their group discussions
Catrin Harris from MI TALENT delivering her talk on ‘Enhancing research culture for technical staff’