EDA Technicians take time out to support their mental wellbeing with a virtual pub quiz

Supporting each others mental wellbeing is a top priority as technicians work in isolation

Like all staff across the University EDA technicians have found themselves working from home and often in isolation from others. The usual practical nature and face to face interactions of their work has dramatically changed with some now spending more time on a computer screen than ever before in their career. It has therefore been exceptionally important that at such a unprecedented time that technical staff make time to support each other and value the importance of their mental wellbeing. So to end the week the EDA technical team held their first virtual online pub quiz. Led by Engineering Supervisor Andrew Brookman the team were guided through 5 rounds including trivia questions, whats that sound and celebrity challenge. At what had been a challenging week for all, the mood was soon lightened with much laughing and joking to be had.

Paul Sinnock, Director of IT and Technical Services commented, “At such a challenging time it is important that we maintain that technical team spirit and provide a space for staff, who may be isolated at home, to come together and support each other”.

Following the success of the event the Friday session has now been expanded to every week and the invite has been extended to include the EDA professional services administration team. The next events theme is virtual Pictionary. What could go wrong!