School of Sport and Exercise Sciences Technician Team Spotlight

Technical Services Spotlight

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (SSES) is one of the leading sport science schools in the UK. The School is based on the Medway Campus with state-of-the-art facilities in the Medway Building and at the region’s centre of sporting excellence, Medway Park.

The school conducts teaching and research in sport and exercise science, sport and exercise for health, sport and exercise management and sports therapy and rehabilitation. The school has three exercise physiology laboratories, a psychobiology laboratory, a biomechanics laboratory, biochemistry/molecular biology analysis facilities, a respiratory lab, two environmental chambers, two sports therapy clinics and two rehabilitation gyms. A sports ready clinic, a respiratory clinic and a performance clinic are run from these facilities.

The team of technicians comprise Dr Andy Wickens (senior technician), Aaron Marshall (sport technician) and Joe Gunton (sport technician) who have a broad range of experience in Sport and exercise sciences, personal training, sports massage, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and behavioural sciences. This team provide dynamic technical support to students, academic staff and commercial clients, playing a critical role in the delivery of inspirational teaching, cutting-edge research and clinical practice.

The technician team are responsible for the efficient running of the School’s practical spaces and conduct a wide range of duties, these include:

* Maintaining all of the school’s teaching, clinical and research equipment. This encompasses organising all servicing contracts, daily maintenance and repairs to all breakages (requires mechanical, electrical and software maintenance).

* Managing, sourcing and ordering all of the school’s scientific equipment and consumables supplies.

* Setting up and calibrating equipment for practical classes, applicant days and open days and responding to routine problems throughout.

* Assisting with outreach work, organising and hosting visiting school students and running practical activities with them.

* Assisting top-tier athletes with their training programmes in our facilities.

* Coordinating and overseeing all aspects of health and safety in the school and ensuring efficient and safe operation of the practical facilities.

* Managing the booking system for the school’s practical spaces and sorting out any timetabling issues.

* Managing the practical element bookings of undergraduate dissertation projects and supervising students in the practical spaces (including equipment demonstrations and assistance with the use of equipment).

* Supporting research (both academic and postgraduate students) by finding solutions to any practical space and equipment issues.

* Managing the disposal of the school’s hazardous waste.

* General maintenance and upkeep of the practical spaces including organisation and delivery of any required infrastructure changes.

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