Professor Elizabeth Mansfield will give the inaugural Noether public lecture `On the nature of mathematical joy’ hosted by the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science on Monday the 15th July.

In this talk, Elizabeth Mansfield will describe and illustrate the seven levels of mathematical joy, beginning with the discovery of patterns, illustrated from her own mathematical travels. The talk is suitable for a general audience.

The free talk by Professor Elizabeth Mansfield will start at 6pm in Lecture Theatre 3 in the Sibson Building at the University of Kent’s Canterbury Campus with refreshments available from 5.30pm in the Sibson atrium.

Professor Elizabeth Mansfield joined the University of Kent in 1995 and was the first female mathematician to progress to Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kent. She is the past vice-president of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and has served on the Council of the London Mathematical Society. Her current research interests are interdisciplinary and are related to symmetry. Professor Mansfield was recently a guest on the BBC Radio 4 show In Our Time, where she discussed Emmy Noether’s life and achievements.