Superconductivity is a fascinating phenomenon in which electrons behave coherently, like photons in a laser. It has many applications from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to ultra-fast levitating trains (MagLev). There is, however, a growing number of so-called “unconventional superconductors” with many puzzling and potentially useful properties which do not fit existing theories. In this project we will investigate such materials using theoretical and computational techniques. You will become a member of the EPSRC-funded collaboration “Unconventional Superconductors: New Paradigms for New Materials”, working as part of an international team of theorists and also in close contact with some of the top experimental groups in this rapidly-growing field.

How to apply: follow the instructions at, making sure you select “PhD in Physics” as the course, “School of Physical Sciences” as the department and “Jorge Quintanilla” as the proposed supervisor.

This project is offered at present on a self-funded basis. Details of some scholarships you might be able to use to fund your studies can be found at under “Self-funding sources”. Make sure you meet the eleigibility criteria. Also, you are strongly encouraged to carry out your own searches for funding e.g. if you are applying from outside the UK there may be local or national scholarship schemes you may be eligible for. Some useful information can be found here: