About the Project

Depending on how you look at it, Thanet is either on the edge or at the forefront. This region of Kent in the South East of England has been through many changes in recent decades, and is still transforming today. An island (just about!) known for its seaside resort past, its economic deprivation, its vibrant arts scene, and most recently for being at the heart of political discussions on Brexit – Thanet is a complex and contradictory place.

This project is about telling the stories, recording the memories and representing the experiences of those who have lived and worked in Thanet: those who have grown up here, moved here, and contributed to the life of its towns and villages. It’s about getting a sense of what ‘here’ even means.

We are interested in talking to everyone we possibly can so that we can create a broad and representative picture of life in the area now and within living memory – the story of Thanet told through its own many and varied voices.