Histcompod Episode 13 – Richard Herring’s diary of drama and comedy

Episode 13 of Histcompod features an exclusive interview with Richard Herring! That’s right – the creator of RHLSTP (“Ruh-huh-luh-stuh-puh!”), one half of comedy double act Lee and Herring, and writer of many masterful Edinburgh Fringe shows. In our exclusive interview with the fantastic “Podfather ”, you’ll hear Olly asking him a multitude of searching questions (albeit not as searching as, “Ham hand or sun cream armpit?”). Herring discusses his university scrapbook, his contemporaries and his analytical approach to comedy.

You can access this episode of ‘A History of Comedy in Several Objects’ via iTunes and acast.

Scanned image files of Richard Herring’s book ‘Diary of Comedy and Drama’, kept whilst studying at the University of Oxford, 1986-1989.

Richard has allowed us to make images from the sketchpad available on our flickr site, so do check them out (in the ‘History of Comedy in Several Objects‘ album)!

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