IBM Software Development Intern and Graduate roles opening early!

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IBM, offer various consulting, technology and design roles where graduates and interns will get to work on real projects, with real clients, all whilst being supported to gain as much as possible from the experience. Technology is changing how we live. Behind each innovation is a business, industry or government using software in new ways. By joining IBM graduates and interns develop in-depth knowledge of our products and services, and turn high level visions and architectures into fully functioning solutions.

In particular, IBM’s Software Development Graduate and Intern roles will open in late September/early October ahead of the new academic year for summer 2022 start dates and we are therefore encouraging any interested students to register their interest in these roles now and we will then contact students when we open for applications so they can apply early!

IBM offer:

Graduate roles:

Consulting – Business Consultant, Technology Consultant, Strategic Analyst Consultant, Design Consultant

Technology – Software Developer, Content Developer, Technology Specialist, and Technology Garage – Cloud Engineer/Developer – 2021 starts!

Design – Design Researcher, Visual Designer, UX designer, Front End Developer

12 month Year in Industry Placements in Design, Business, Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Software Development and Finance

Extreme Blue 12 week summer internship in Technology and Design

Details on all IBM’s graduate and intern roles can be found on our website here:, but of particular note right now are our Software Development roles which will open for applications early with an application deadline of early October, most likely before students even return for the next academic year!

You can also view a couple of videos from some of the existing Software Development Graduates and Interns via the links below:
Abby Mitchell Software Development Graduate
Charlie Hesketh  Software Development University Placement Intern: