What to do over the summer to improve your employability

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There are plenty of things that you can do over the summer break to improve your employability and help with your future career:

Update or write your CV

Make sure your CV is upto date or if you do not have one write one! There is plenty of help available with information on the Careers and Employability website to help you get started or attend a careers workshop (login with your Kent ID and go to events) or book an appointment with the careers service via Target Connect (log in and go to appointments) to review your CV. Or contact cemsemployability@kent.ac.uk for help.

Research the different career options and roles available with with your degree

A great place to start is the ‘What can I do with my degree?‘ page on the Careers and Employability website or on Prospects UK. 

Work experience

Boost your CV with some form of work experience including virtual internships, summer internships, Part-time work or volunteering:

Internships – Virtual and summer Internships look good on your CV and are a great way to improve your skills and get noticed! Look for internships on the Employability blogIndeedProspectsTargetjobsRateMyPlacement and Careerjet. (Avoid companies that charge a fee to do an internship. You shouldn’t need to pay for it, there are plenty of free ones out there!)

Part-time work – Part-time work will enhance your skills and looks good on your CV. It doesn’t have to be a technical role any role can develop skills such as team work, communication skills, adaptability, time management etc., which most employers are looking for. The Kent Union Job shop advertises part-time work for students on campus and in the local area or search on Indeed or google part time work near you!


Volunteering is another great way to improve your skills and have some fun. It will also look good on your CV.

Personal Projects

Personal projects show passion and initiative and can be added to a CV or used as examples in Interviews – Build a PC, develop a computer game, learn a new programming language or build a website.

Set up a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is being becoming more and more important in recruitment so set up your account and start building contacts. The Careers and Employability service run lots of workshops on creating a LinkedIn account. Book to attend  session via Target Connect or watch a presentation via Moodle – Careers & Employability Service DP4450 (under developing an effective digital presence),

Lastly, don’t forget to have a break and enjoy your summer!