Gain Work Experience via a Virtual Internship

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Virtual internships are a great way to find out what it is like to work in IT or in a particular company, gain some work experience solving real life business problems, grow your skills and improve your CV. There are still opportunities available and they are often easier to get onto as numbers are not so limited.

Below are a few examples of opportunities available now so don’t delay start applying:


P&G IT Business Challenge – virtual edition 2021, deadline 31 January 2021

We invite you to virtually meet fellow top students from across Europe as well as P&G IT leaders, and discover what it means to work as an Information Technology Manager in a digital workspace within a multibillion dollar company like P&G. Throughout the event, you will work to solve real life business problems, attend trainings and get a glimpse of how business, innovation and technology come together at P&G, to foster a competitive advantage amidst a global pandemic.

MThree Spring Week – open to first and second year students graduating in 2023

The week will not just include sessions from industry experts in the field of technology, but also skills based session working on team building, leadership and confidence skills.

Accenture Future Innovator in Training – Consultancy Virtual Internship, 5-6 hours to complete

The Accenture North America Virtual Experience gives you an opportunity to work on real-life projects that require important skills our people possess. You’ll develop skills in areas such as project and stakeholder management, decision-making, data interpretation, user experience, and process design—skill sets that prepare you for long-term success and give you an edge in your personal and professional endeavors.

Clifford Chance Cyber Security Global Virtual Experience – 5-6 hours to complete and Earn a certificate to show to employers.

Cyber security is a complex, rapidly-changing and multi-national challenge. Clifford Chance is working with some of the world’s leading corporates to help them to better protect their business activities, mitigate cyber security risk and respond quickly in the event of a breach.

GE Explorer series: Digital Technology Data Analytics Program – self-paced, 5-6 hours to complete

We are offering students the opportunity to get an insight into some of the exciting, cutting-edge projects GE interns work on everyday. The GE Explorer Digital Technology Data Analytics Program is your opportunity to kickstart your career with GE and learn directly from our team.

JP Morgan Chase Software Engineering Virtual Experience – Modules available to start now. Complete the tasks in order, submit your work and review the model answers. Once complete add this experience to your CV.

You’re going to assist with some development of an alternative way to visualize and analyze share price data for our traders – this will alert them of potential trading opportunities.

BCG Digital Transformation Virtual Experience – self paced, 5-6 hours to complete

In this virtual experience program, you will gain enviable insight into what it’s like to solve meaningful challenges with our diverse and forward-thinking team. What’s great about our virtual experience program is the flexibility of it. You’ll get to choose the module or modules that you would like to take and complete all of these tasks and modules anywhere and anytime in the world, allowing you to upskill yourself in your own time and pace.

PWC Women in Business – For Penultimate year students, summer 2021 – Deadline 19 March 2021

During this three-day paid programme you’ll get an insight into what a career at PwC could look like. You’ll virtually meet mentors and buddies who’ll represent the variety of opportunities available across PwC. You’ll meet some of our Female colleagues to hear about their own personal career journeys, as well as from some of our networks focussed on Diversity and Inclusion. Through interactive sessions the programme will help you to develop confidence in a business setting and encourage you to bring your whole self to the workplace.  Our Women in Business programme will be a 3-day paid programme which will be run virtually in Summer 2021.

Rate My Placement work ready virtual experience – Deadline 31 January, earn a certificate. Flexible in own time.

Work-readiness skills are the behavioural skills that enable students to transition effectively into the world of work, and to rapidly add value to their organisations. This free virtual experience is designed to arm you specifically with the work-readiness skills that will help you to navigate these challenging times, and empower you to thrive as you seek and secure placements, internships and graduate roles.

Deloitte Technology Strategy and innovation virtual internship – ready to start immediately

In Tech Strategy & Innovation at Deloitte, we help to answer a key client question: “How can technology support and transform my business into the future?” In this module you will be helping our client, MyBank, who wants to further expand their business by developing a new product offering to allow them to target a different market segment. This is a great example of the work we do, as there are a number of technology implications that our clients might not otherwise have considered.

KPMG Black Heritage Talent Insight programme – 3 day paid internship, 13-15 April 2021

This programme is aimed primarily at students of Black Heritage seeking an insight into a career in Technology & Engineering. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about our business and develop your professional skills – it could even lead to an offer for an autumn 2021 Technology & Engineering graduate programme. We’re looking for individuals who are curious, ambitious and passionate about a career in Technology & Engineering.

Microsoft Engineering Undergraduate and Masters Asia Virtual Experience programme – self-paced 6-8 hours

We encourage you to use Microsoft’s Asia Virtual Experience Program to get to know us better and discover the knowledge and skills that can set you up for success as an Engineering professional at Microsoft.

Quantium Data Analytics Virtual Experience program – self-paced, 5-6 hours to complete

Data allows us to unearth ideas, to solve problems and grasp opportunities that could change the world. It’s time for you to explore the possibilities of data analytics and discover the insights beneath the data.
All these virtual internships were found via Rate my Placement