Time Management when applying for Placements

Ebony Phillips-Maluleke

Whilst I was in 2nd year and applying for placements, I felt like my biggest downfall was my time management. I found it really difficult to find time to study and apply for placement roles. Once I had a better plan in 2nd year, I found that it allowed me to fit in studying and applying for jobs as well as other activities.

I used a study planner to help me organise my time through 2nd year, similar to the one below which you can use as an example of how to plan out your week. Where I have placed “Study” in some allocations – feel free to replace that with any seminars you have for the week. I have left the weekends free because it is important to have rest and downtime.

With a good study structure, you will be able to be more dedicated to finding and applying for jobs and with booking appointments with Katie, the Placement Manager.

Now that I have experienced the working world I appreciate even more the importance of planning my time. It is imperative that I continue to keep a similar structure, as it will help me with organising my time throughout my final year of university.

I hope you find this Example Study Planner useful!

Example Placement Study Planner

By Ebony Phillips-Maluleke
Employability Ambassador