Innovator/ Automator wanted at WiFi Tribe – 12 month placement

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WiFi Tribe are looking for a current 2nd year student looking for a placement, or an MSc student looking for a placement or a recent graduate, for a 12 month placement as an innovator/automator. This vacancy has come via a School of Computing Alumnus and is only available to Kent students through the placement team.



The role of Innovator for WiFi Tribe is a demanding yet fulfilling one. The Innovator is primarily responsible for gathering requirements, reviewing business processes with stakeholders from different areas of the business (Marketing, Sales, Admissions, Customer Support & Sourcing) and working on solutions that address the challenges identified.

We look for people with personality and passion, who are fun, friendly and approachable; but most of all, a driven individual that cares about community.

MISSION: Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the team’s operations in order to reduce cost, friction and provide time for impactful & meaningful revenue generating projects


● Business requirements gathering

● Data, tools & software integration

● Business process documentation, optimisation, automation & implementation

● Report building, report automation, data analysis


● Excellent communication

● Strong organisational skills

● Critical thinking

● IT savvy


● Community builder – You’re a people person. You show kindness, empathy and build strong relationships. You’ve got genuine excitement and passion for helping customers

● Solutionary – You’re resourceful. A natural problem-solver. Your colleagues, coworkers, and friends know you as the person that always figures things out. You experiment often and can teach yourself anything you need to know

● Achiever – You’re self-motivated and thrive without much external management. You just need a goal, and you know you will be able to find a way to achieve it

● Level-headed – You enjoy a challenge. The job will constantly present you new challenges and difficult situations. You are positive and have the ability to deal with all situations in a calm and mature manner. You’re responsible and professional at all times.

● Natural planner – You’re one of the most organised people you know and you always plan things far in advance.

● Start-uper – You thrive in fast-paced environments and love the feeling of working in a start-up, despite its challenges and the hectic nature of it. You don’t crack under pressure.

● Maximiser – You know what you’re capable of and you set your bar just a little higher. You know that this stretch is where you grow.

● Finisher – You get things done. REQUIREMENTS

● Familiar with zapier or similar


WiFi Tribe is a leading community for digital nomads. When working with us you’re undertaking not only a job but a lifestyle. A life that involves traveling to some of the most exotic destinations in the world, coworking side-by-side with some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet, and building meaningful relationships with them through shared experiences that tie you together for life.

As a member of our chapter crew, you will be the face of WiFi Tribe – dealing with our members each day and ensuring that they have the experience of a lifetime! We have very, very high expectations of our team – only the best will do.


● The chance to contribute in the early stages to a rapidly growing start-up, positioned with a strong brand in a market that is accelerating

● Remote work

● Be part of a tight-knit community of 800+ remote-working, entrepreneurial professionals and build an insanely powerful global network

● Sponsored learning resources (e-books, audiobooks, online courses, etc.)


● Send us your CV & cover letter to

● Send us a youtube link to a video recording answering some additional questions

Here are 3 points we’d like you to tell us about in your video:

1. Tell us 1 main thing you will bring to the team/role

2. Tell us about something you’re super passionate about and why it matters so much to you

3. Tell us what skill, learning, knowledge you’d hope to acquire or develop further Aim for about 2-3 minutes in total. This doesn’t have to be super refined – keep it casual! We are not looking for a polished performance, kick-ass graphics, slick editing or high drama. This is not a creative task. What we are looking for is personality, warmth, authenticity. In a few minutes we want to feel like we know you better.

Upload the recording to Youtube and then share it with us ( via a link. Don’t worry the video does not have to be public for the whole world to see. You can set it so that only people with the link can find and view it.

For further information contact Sian or Katie on