Make Some Noise! You’ve Got Into Kent! | What Happens Next?

So you’ve got an offer from Kent (and one of these snazzy hand clappers)…what happens next?

Step 1: Decide if Kent is right for you

You may have done this already or you may need a bit more time. As an offer holder, you can arrange to visit our Canterbury campus and fantastic new building on a day and at a time that works for you, including weekends! We are happy to show you around, introduce you to some current students, and arrange an informal chat with one of our academics to talk about the course.

Contact us

Whether you’d like to arrange a visit or you’d like to ask us some questions about the course, campus or student life, our friendly Admissions Team is happy to help. Give us a call, send us an email or message us online:


Kerry: +44 (0)1227 816410

Amy: +44 (0)1227 816539


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Step 2: Select your Firm and Insurance choices

Once you have decided whether Kent is right for you, you’ll need to choose your Firm and Insurance choices in UCAS.

Firm Offer Holder Benefits

If Kent is your Firm choice, you can benefit from a reduced offeraccess to A Level Mathematics Revision Support, and be invited to join our community of Firm SMSAS Applicants online! Click here to read more about our Firm Offer Holder Benefits. 



Step 3: Getting Ready For Kent

If Kent is where you want to go (WooHoo!), we’ll welcome you to the School and communicate with you throughout the period between choosing and arriving at Kent. We’ll send you items in the post, including your A Level Mathematics Revision Starter Kit, as well as some items via email, including links to our Online Revision Portal and Community Group. As the Summer gets closer, we’ll send you some information on how to get Ready For Kent and what to expect during your first few weeks here.

You can visit us and contact us as many times as you like. Our friendly Admission Team is always happy to help.



Step 4: Results Day and Preparing for Arrival

Results Day

We know that you will do your very best in your A Levels, but we also know that sometimes things go unexpectedly wrong. Before you get your results, we look at them. If you’ve just missed your target grades, we’ll consider your application and make a decision that is best for you; for example, if you have applied for BSc Actuarial Science with an AAA entry requirement, but you achieve CCC, we may offer you the BSc Actuarial Science with a Foundation Year programme instead. Similarly, if you do better than you expected, we may offer you an alternative course; for example if you applied for a Foundation Year programme but your grades qualify you for a main degree programme, we’d offer you the main programme.  Whatever our decision, we’ll contact you on Results Day to talk to you about our decision and to answer any questions you may have.


Preparing for Arrival

Once your place at Kent has been confirmed, we’ll send you a Welcome Week pack, including a Welcome Week Timetable, information about preparing for university and other items to help you get #ReadyForKent! You can contact us at any point before arrival to ask questions. Our friendly Admissions Team will also be available over Welcome Weekend (arrivals weekend) to meet you and to have informal chat before Welcome Week begins.


More information

For more information, to arrange a visit and to ask us any questions, contact our friendly Admissions Team.