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The focus of my research is machine learning, signal and image processing. These methods can be applied to a wide range of scientific disciplines.  I have published work in journals and conference proceedings in the areas of natural science, medical imaging, forensic science, psychology and forensic anthropology. Please refer to my blog posts and University of Kent staff page for more information and publications respectively.

Current postgraduate projects

  • Deep learning for classification and calibration using Raman Spectroscopy
  • Facial identification
  • Detection of oedemas in OCT images of the retina
  • Clinical Support Software (application in Ophthalmology and Urology)

Previous undergraduate project topics

  • Compressive ghost imaging
  • Coded apertures
  • Evaluation of clustering algorithms in the context of source camera identification
  • Evaluation of denoising filters in the context of source camera identification
  • Secret communication by perceptual encoding in images
  • Classification of Raman spectra for forensic applications
  • Do super recognisers produce superior facial composites?

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