A Multi-Disciplinary Workshop


Trevor Price, The Five Senses Satisfied

Friday 4 to Saturday 5 November, 2016

Digital Crit Space, Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent, Canterbury

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Kelli Rudolph
Patricia Baker
Carolina Vasilikou

This international workshop explores approaches to sensory studies across disciplinary boundaries in the humanities and social sciences. Bringing together experts from classics, philosophy, sociology, archaeology, history, literature, architecture and the arts, we will engage in constructive dialogue and fruitful examination of the usefulness of existing sensory theories for developing innovative approaches to the multi-disciplinary study of historical periods like Graeco-Roman antiquity, where our evidence – both material and literary – is fragmentary and disparate.

In particular, this conference will enhance our understanding of issues central to the field of sensory studies, including the extent to which we can expect to

(1)  Replicate sensory methodologies across disciplines in the Humanities,

(2)  Integrate multi-sensory evidence from material and literary remains,

(3)  Understand how the nature of our surviving material inhibits or distorts our study of the senses, and

(4)  Legitimately draw conclusions about the suppression or repression of sense modalities in historical periods, and particularly the Graeco-Roman world.

These concerns arise as we attempt both to open the spectrum of interpretative possibilities and to avoid misrepresentation and anachronism that may arise when we sensitize artifacts, texts, rituals and beliefs.

Invited Speakers

Patricia Baker, Classical & Archaeological Studies, University of Kent

Clare Batty, Philosophy, University of Kentucky

Eleanor Betts, Classical Studies, Open University

Monica Degen, Sociology & Communications, Brunel, University of London

Jessica Hughes, Classical Studies, Open University

Ben Jacks, Architecture, Miami University, Ohio

Annette Kern-Stähler, Medieval English Studies, University of Bern

Matthew Nicholls, Classics, University of Reading

Robin Skeates, Archaeology, Durham University

Helen Slaney, Roehampton, University of London

Louise Richardson, Philosophy, University of York

Astrid Swenson, Politics, History & Law, Brunel, University of London

Martin Welton, Theatre & Performance, Queen Mary, University of London

We would like to thank the University of Kent
Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies
School of European Cultures and Languages
Faculty of Humanities
International Development Office
Kent School of Architecture
for their generous support. 

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