Travelling virtually in Xi’an

A screenshop of the virtual Xi'an session

Connection across borders has been a crucial element of the University of Kent’s identity since it was founded over 50 years ago. Ru Su, Mandarin tutor at the Language Centre, has been furthering this mission in China by forming a partnership with KaDaGaoXin University in Xi’an.

After initiating the partnership in 2018, Ru Su has been collaborating with teachers and students to develop a programme of cultural exchange, designed to introduce Kent students to life in China and the Mandarin Chinese language.

Since the partnership began, Ru Su has coordinated joint culture and language exchanges and a Mandarin Trainee Teacher programme with KaDaGaoXin. Most recently, undeterred by travel restrictions, she has organised Travelling Virtually in Xi’an, a series of seven online cultural workshops in which KaDaGaoXin students give unique insights into topics such as Xi’an’s history, culture, food and entertainment. The sessions started on 10 November, and will continue into 2022; Kent students can access the recordings below. Registration for the next sessions can be found on the Language Centre website, and all are invited to attend (no previous Mandarin language learning experience is required).

Following these exciting workshops, Kent students will be given the opportunity to apply to study Chinese at KeDaGaoXin University for 4 weeks (tuition, food, and accommodations on campus are paid for), currently scheduled for Spring/Summer 2022. The Language Centre will also be welcoming a visiting scholar in order to share and develop best practice for teaching Mandarin.


Travelling Virtually in Xi’an workshops

Workshop 1: A Bite of Xi’an: street food (recording)

Workshop 2: Discovering Xi’an’s historical architecture (recording)

Workshop 3: Shaanxi folk arts (recording)

Workshop 4: Shaanxi History Museum and Xi’an Forest of Steles Museum (recording)

Workshop 5: Enjoying romantic Tang music (recording)

Workshop 6: Experiencing the modern international megacity of Xi’an (recording)

Workshop 7: Building a community with a shared future (recording)

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