Dr Chris Deacy hosting an online conference: Fantasy and Fandom 2021

Head of Department of Religious Studies, Dr Chris Deacy is organising an online conference: Fantasy and Fandom 2021 — Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network on 13 – 15 September 2021.

What do you do to escape? Has lockdown facilitated – or curtailed – fantasies and escapisms? Are there any particular passions, obsessions and interests which you have enjoyed throughout your life? What are the fandoms you have enjoyed during lockdown? Has lockdown enabled you to find new ways of engaging with your interests, passions and fandoms?

The call for papers is now open. Papers may engage with the above questions, or other topics which are interested in the intersections of fandoms, fantasy, fiction, and religion are welcome. Papers can focus on specific fandoms or fantasies, or can talk more generally about fandom and its impact on individuals or communities.

The team also welcome submissions for panels or roundtables on related subjects.

Abstracts should be sent to info@religionpopculture.com by Tuesday 15 June. Include speaker(s) name(s), institution (if there is one – one is not necessary), and preferred pronouns. Abstracts should be kept around 250-500 words.

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