Graduate profile: Rosanna Douglas, BA Comparative Literature

We catch up with Comparative Literature graduate, Rosanna Douglas, to find out what she’s been up to since leaving Kent.

Which course did you study at Kent?
Comparative Literature.

What attracted you to your course, and to Kent?
My English teacher studied Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. English was always my favourite subject at school, I knew I wanted to do a literature based degree. I had not heard of Comparative Literature until I spoke to my teacher and she recommended it to me. I went to an open day at Kent and was really attracted to the campus, and to the course itself. The people at Comp Lit were welcoming and friendly, and seemed genuinely interested in my aspirations and motivations. I was inspired by the diverse range of modules and topics, which studied literature from across the world, as well as across different forms, such as novels, tales, plays and film adaptations.

‘Comp Lit’ has given me perspective; I am able to consider ideas and arguments from a considered viewpoint, and I have realised the importance of keeping an open mind.

What are you doing now?
I am currently studying for an MA in Film and Screen Media.

Which aspects of your time at Kent did you enjoy the most, and why? 
I always say to people that I felt like I was in a bubble whilst I was at Kent. Canterbury is a beautiful city which is filled with culture and literary history, and as it is a student city, it comes alive at night. The campus was always buzzing with activity, and The Venue is a great addition as it was always hosting fun events. In relation to the course, I liked that I was able to study wild modules, in my case, film modules, as this broadened my mind and gave me a different perspective, as well as allowed for a passion in film to develop in conjunction with my passion for literature. My course mates were all like-minded people, and as Comp Lit is a relatively small course, it had a ‘cosy’ and friendly feel. Seminars and lectures were never too crowded and we were always able to share ideas freely. Kent had a great vibe, this is the aspect I enjoyed the most. 

How has your time at Kent helped you in your career so far?
It has influenced the career that I want to follow. After taking modules such as ‘European and Hispanic Cinema,’ ‘The Book and The Film,’ ‘Fiction and Power,’ as well as a number of wild modules in Film, I have realised a passion for Film and Screen Media, which is why I have decided to complete an MA to refine this further. In addition to this, as part of the course, we undertook a number of presentations, individually as well as part of a team, which is fantastic experience to bring forward. Comp Lit has also given me perspective; I am able to consider ideas and arguments from a considered viewpoint, and I have realised the importance of keeping an open mind. I went into university as a shy and nervous eighteen-year-old, and graduated a much more confident and outgoing individual, and this improves my career chances greatly.

Are you still in touch with any of your friends from University?
Yes! We have a group chat and we talk on it every day, two years after graduating.

Did you undertake any work experience whilst at Kent? What did you do? Did you find it was helpful in your studies and has it benefited your career to date?
I was a Student Ambassador at the University of Kent. This benefited me hugely as I gave numerous tours and answered the questions that prospective applicants had. This grew my confidence and I felt a sense of achievement after helping applicants, having been in their position not long before. 

Could you describe a typical day in your current role?
I am being kept busy with my ongoing MA studies and am looking forward to pursuing a career when the right opportunity comes along.  

What are your future plans/aspirations?
I am looking at pursuing PR or Marketing in the Film, Entertainment or Publishing industry. I also plan to do a lot more travelling when I can. 

What is your favourite memory of Kent? 
There are too many to choose from! Possibly my first day after moving into my student accommodation and meeting everyone, and feeling an overwhelming sense of relief that my housemates were all so lovely. Another would be the day that I submitted my dissertation in my third year, and also the Summer Ball in 2019. 

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of coming to Kent?
I have a lot to owe to Kent. I am probably biased because I had such a good experience, however I would say that you should trust your gut. Kent has a lot to offer, so explore every avenue and get a good feel for the campus. If you feel the buzz, follow it and see where it takes you. 

How would you describe your time at Kent in three words?
Amazing, positive, unforgettable.

Are you currently working, or have you recently worked on any interesting projects that you would like to tell us a bit more about? For example, book publication, podcast, exhibitions, events, research projects etc.
Current research projects revolve around the representation of history on TV and the role of a transnational broadcaster, using Netflix’ The Crown as a case study, as well as the ever-changing relationship between TV/streaming services and Hollywood/film. 

I think it is worth mentioning that after graduating from Kent in 2019, I was inspired to go solo-travelling. It was nothing major, I did a 10 day interrailing trip across Europe – starting from Prague and working my way back to the UK. I also did a two-week tour in Bali. These experiences were life-changing, specifically the European trip and the impact it had on the view of my Comp Lit studies. I visited the Kafka museum in Prague, the Berlin wall and the Holocaust memorial in Germany, and the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. This cemented what we had been taught and what had been discussed in our seminars; reading literature from these periods and then seeing these landmarks in real life is such an eye-opening and meaningful experience. It was also great meeting people from all over the world in the hostels that I stayed at, I would definitely recommend!

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