Oxford University, Hinduism and Narnia: Nostalgia interview with Jessica Frazier

A Lion in a Zoo

In the latest episode of the Nostalgia podcast series, Dr Chris Deacy, Head of the Department of Religious Studies, interviews Jessica Frazier, former University of Kent member of staff and current Lecturer in Theology and Religion for the University of Oxford.

Jessica was born in Washington D.C. and came to England when a child. Jessica reveals how she fantasized about going to Narnia as a kid, and we learn about the appeal of Thailand where it is always summer – indeed, a portal into something magical.

Jessica also talks about teaching Hinduism at Oxford, how she wanted to be an explorer growing up, why she has become more of a Platonist as she gets older, why she has never been frightened of solitude, and how it is okay to be a nerd.

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