‘21st century classicist’ competition

The Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies have launched a ‘21st century classicist’ competition for University of Kent undergraduates in archaeology, ancient history, and classics.

The Department are inviting undergraduates to submit funny or poignant reflections on the Coronavirus situation, using the ancient world as a point of departure, comparison, and reference. This could be a blog or vlog, short story, photo, video, poem, or meme, and there is a prize of £50 vouchers for the winning entry. For more information, contact Dr Christopher Burden-Strevens.

When we asked Christopher about it, he said: “Dr Wyles and I have been thinking of ways to keep in touch with our students during the lockdown. They are still full of enthusiasm and amazing ideas! So in addition to Dr Wyles’ weekly ‘Classics and a Cuppa’ meeting on Zoom with her undergraduates, we decided to start up a competition to keep the creative juices flowing. This is a fantastic opportunity for our talented students to share their reflections on the experience of the last two months and to relate it to their studies in the ancient world.”

More info can be found on the Moodle page. Entries should be sent to Dr Rosie Wyles before 17.00 on Wednesday 3 June.

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