Classics Day 2020

Experience Classics at Kent! Enjoy a day of recorded public lectures by staff in the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies, archaeology fieldwork presentations, discoveries by PhD students, and a Greek play in English by our undergraduates.

Classics and Archaeology at Kent 2019-2020: The highlights


Work in progress: current PhD research

Archaeology Fieldwork Presentations

Classics Lecture

  • Dr Ada Nifosi, The Frogs in Ancient Egypt
    The chorus of the frogs in the underworld is often said to play a minor role in Aristophanes’ play The Frogs although it gives the play its title. However the amphibians refer to their participation at a very old Athenian festival in honour of Dionysus called the Anthesteria, which celebrates the coming of spring. While the connection between frogs and spring rebirth in Greece is difficult to explain, in ancient Egypt frogs have a strong connection with fertility, birth and rebirth which can be seen in myths, amulets, religious festivals and personal objects.

Greek Play in English


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