Year abroad, anthropology and autism; Nostalgia interview with Elizabeth Severn and George Severn

In the latest episode of the Nostalgia podcast series, Chris Deacy, Reader in Theology and Religious Studies, interviews Elizabeth Severn and her son George, who are both Kent alumni.

In this interview, the group talk about going on a Year Abroad to Spain, feeling like a ‘nosy anthropologist’, Asperger’s and autism, keeping a diary, their love of pens, the importance of handwriting, the audience of our Facebook posts, finding profundity in the everyday, paying Cubans to take photos of the contents of their fridges, outdoors culture, obsessing over the small details of a piece of music, not being impressed by the music George once came across on Spotify, the time when Elizabeth came home one day to find a member of the band Hawkwind sitting in her house, and how happiness can allow us to bear life’s unhappiness.

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