Wissia Fiorucci on “a communicative and interactive approach to grammar”

Dr Wissia Fiorucci, Modern Languages Coordinator and SECL Director of Education, has written a blog post for Digital Modern Languages, a seminar series bringing together research and teaching in Modern Languages which engages with digital culture, media and technologies, on using gamification and technology in the classroom.

She writes: ‘the use of technology can aid all aspects of our teaching, from the exchange of material to new ways of delivering office hours. It is not solely about teaching techniques and material: it is a brave new world that we must quickly become familiar with, if we want to continue offering an up-to-date learning experience.’

‘To this end, and returning to gamification, the use of interactive game-based platforms such as Kahoot! can do a lot to improve the delivery of any language class, but specifically of grammar teaching, which tends to pose more of a challenge to teachers seeking interesting ways to engage students. If we want to make sure we continue working towards accuracy whilst furthering our students’ communicative skills, we need to keep pace with modern times and make use of tools such as Kahoot!, turning to technology and gamification as our best allies in the fight against the unnecessary dualism of ‘accuracy vs fluency’.’

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