Modern Languages students’ poem featured in international journal

A German poem – Björn Kuhligt’s ‘Das Gedicht geht durch einen Körper‘ (‘The poem moves through a body…’) translated by Modern Languages students has been featured in the 2019 edition of international publication No Man’s Land, which has now been launched online.

No Man’s Land features translations of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction from the twenty-first and late twentieth centuries, drawing on the work of authors from the German-speaking countries of Europe and beyond. Dynamic and reflective, these writings mirror current sensibilities and the evolving demographics of modern Europe.

Dr Heide Kunzlemann, Senior Lecturer in German in the Department of Modern Languages, said: “I am absolutely delighted by our students’ translation success. Not only is this issue of No Man’s Land guest-edited by one of the foremost scholars and translators of poetry in German, Professor Karen Leeder, our joint translation is also in the best company, with many contributor names that will resonate with those who know the field. When I decided to invite a group of final year students of my module on contemporary literature in German to submit a joint translation of Björn Kuhligk’s poem, the students rose to the occasion and produced an excellent, witty and insightful translation of the poem, that allows English speakers to access one of the most interesting contemporary voices in German literature.”

Professor Karen Leeder, guest editor of No Man’s Land and Professor of Modern German Literature at the University of Oxford, offered praise for Kent students: “It has been such a delight to act this year as guest poetry editor for the new edition of No Man’s Land. It is out now full of wonderful translations of contemporary German prose and, if I may say, brilliant poetry by several of our own including the amazing university of Kent undergraduates who tackled Bjorn Kuhlick.”

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