Student Journey game

Staff from the School of European Culture and Languages recently attended a series of training events run by the Student Success Project, where attendees were able to play the Student Journey board game and hear the lived experiences of students of colour.

The event reflected on how unconscious bias might be influencing our behaviour; participants heard about how to be a good ally from Lisa Shoko (from Decolonise University of Kent) and practised decolonising the curriculum with visiting Inspirational Speaker Dr Onyeka Nubia.

Both academic and professional services staff reported feeling inspired by the training events, and came away with lots of ideas about how to make changes to their daily lives to create a more inclusive environment in the School of European Culture and Languages. It is hoped that more events such as this will take place in the future, encouraging colleagues from across the School community to be aware of what they can do to make a difference.

Dr Laura Bailey said: “It was great that members of staff made the effort to educate themselves about these important topics. The Kaleidoscope Network ‘principles of respectful listening’ and the student voices we heard were so powerful. The workshops helped us, especially white staff, to understand how deep-rooted the problem of racism is in universities and how we need to be very proactive in addressing inequality.”

Those wishing to know more about the workshops or the project can contact Dr Laura Bailey (SECL Student Success Lecturer) in the Department of English Language and Linguistics.

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