‘Writing for a Living’ and ‘Working in Heritage’ events inspire students

The School of European Culture and Languages hosted two events as part of Employability Festival 2019: ‘Writing for a Living’, with the School of English, and ‘Working in Heritage’, with the School of History.

These events were organised following student feedback, and the aim was to provide an informal opportunity for students to speak to graduates and others working in various sectors and to gain an insight into the wide range of opportunities available.

The panellists for ‘Writing for a Living’ were:

  • Nick Barreto, Co-founder of Canolo Digital Publishing
  • Rosario Blue, writer and journalist
  • Heidi Colthup, Deputy Head of Department of English Language and Linguistics and freelance writer
  • Vybarr Cregan-Reid, Professor in English & Environmental Humanities and published author

The panellists for ‘Working in Heritage’ were:

  • Fiona Glossop, Head of Learning, Chiddingstone Castle
  • Dr Inbal Livne, Head of Collections and Engagement, Powell Cotton Museum and Quex Park
  • Lyndsay Ridley, Head of Operations, Powell Cotton Museum and Quex Park
  • Mady Beardmore, Museum and Heritage Manager, Sandwich Guildhall Museum
  • Cory Clover, Assistant Curator, PWRR Queen’s Museum, Dover Castle
  • Dr Alison Ray, Assistant Archivist, Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library

Attendees commented afterwards how useful it was to have the opportunity to speak to people currently working in these sectors, and to hear more about the opportunities available. Informal networking afterwards allowed students to speak with the guests individually if they wished.

Our thanks to colleagues in the School of English and the School of History for their support with these events. We are looking forward to running more in the future, including “Life after your Modern Languages degree” on Saturday 9 November.

Do you have a idea for an employability event that you would like to see in the future? Please let us know at secl@kent.ac.uk.

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