Huguenots, the Eurostar and psychoanalysis; Nostalgia interview with Jeremy Carrette

In theĀ latest episode of the Nostalgia podcast series, Chris Deacy, Head of the Department of Religious Studies, interviews Professor Jeremy Carrette, the University’s Dean for Europe and Professor of Philosophy, Religion and Culture.

Jeremy talks about love; the Huguenots; meeting Jarvis Cocker on the Eurostar; creating a new era for Religious Studies at Kent and renewing the Ramsey Chair; the challenges affecting us with respect to Europe; the importance of relationship building; psychoanalysis; why forgetting is as important as remembering; why he prefers to listen to melancholic music; the importance of environment and smell; and the difficulty in overcoming grief.

In the final part of the interview, Chris and Jeremy talk about how difficult it is to overcome grief and the strategies we develop for giving us strength. They learn what Jeremy’s childhood self would think about what he is doing now and how, for him, life is about holding both challenging and wonderful experiences together.

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