Philosophy panel discussion ‘Transhumanism: Should we try to take charge of our own evolution?’

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Is transhumanism possible? Would it be a good or bad thing for the human race?

The Department of Philosophy is hosting a panel discussion on the nature of transhumanism on Thursday 19 September at 16.00. The event is sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and takes place as part of the wider programme of events organised during Welcome Week. All are welcome to attend.

Many critics argue that transhumanism is an irresponsible pursuit of an impossible utopia, and that it does more to undermine humanist philosophy than develop it. Others, like Aubrey de Grey, point out that the pursuit of longer, healthier lifespans is straightforwardly a good thing since it benefits individuals and the human species; it frames death and ageing as the result of biological flaws that can and will be remedied.

This event will begin with perspectives on transhumanism offered by three specialists from history, philosophy, and biosciences, which will be followed by an audience-led discussion.

Alyx Robinson (Philosophy)
Charlotte Sleigh (History)
Linas TamoŇ°aitis (Biosciences)

Todd Mei (Philosophy)

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