Kent-Ghent Asian Studies Day

The Department of Religious Studies will be hosting the 2019 Kent-Ghent Asian Studies Day with the theme ‘Health, Well-Being and the Body’, at the University of Kent on Saturday 18 May.

Organised by Dr Leslie de Vries, Lecturer in East Asian Studies, the event is open to students, staff members and the general public, and will explore ideas on health, well-being and the body in a variety of Asian cultures. Combining diverse methodological approaches from the humanities and social sciences, the speakers will cover a wide range of fascinating topics, including meditation, traditional medicine, self-cultivation and modern perceptions of ‘good food’.

The aim of the day is not only to showcase teaching and research on Asia at the universities of Kent and Ghent but also to stimulate debate across academic disciplines and to enhance comparative reflection by taking Asia seriously. How Asia can contribute to the medical humanities and social sciences? How should we raise growing awareness in regards to decolonising the curriculum? The Kent-Ghent Asian Studies day will answer these questions and more, and is the first in a series of research and teaching events focused on Asia organised in the framework of the strategic partnership between the University of Kent and Ghent University.

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