Sophia Labadi on the future of Folkestone

Dr Sophia Labadi, Senior Lecturer in Heritage and Archaeology in the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies, and Anne Braithwaite, a Folkestone based composer, have organised a free workshop to look at the future of Folkestone. The event is to be held on Tuesday 6 June at the Urban Room, Folkestone Harbour from 3-8pm.

The workshop will give locals the opportunity to share their views on how they would like Folkestone to look in the future and what changes in the town would improve their quality of life. The ideas and words collected during this workshop will become part of an exhibition for the Folkestone Fringe and be displayed at an open day at the same venue on Saturday 14th October 2017.  Anna Braithwaite may also use your comments as part of a piece that will be performed on the harbour 14th Р15th Oct. 2017.

Dr Labadi will use some of the results for her research on the social impacts of regeneration. This will be a continuation of her latest book on L’Impact de la Culture en Europe (L’Harmattan, 2016)

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