Mapping Urban Resources and Kitchen Square

An International series of events hosted by MAPURBAN, part of the JPI URBAN Europe collaboration between three European cities; Stockholm, Berlin and London, commences in May 2022.

The MAPURBAN project brings light to differences in access to urban resources. The aim is to share experiences, approaches, methods and knowledge between the three cities. The project integrates existing data on spatial inequality and urban segregation, and shows how these affect migrant mobility and integration.

MAPURBAN uses interdisciplinary multinational research findings including human geography, spatial planning, architecture, art, urban design and urban sociology. The aim is to produce new knowledge and to support strategies. and practices to counteract segregation.

MAPURBAN provides new findings on access to urban resources through the application of novel spatial mapping methods and participatory tools to promote equal living conditions, and enhance accessibility and mobility, especially for disadvantaged groups. MAPURBAN Stockholm is focusing on urban inequalities by mapping and visualizing access to important societal functions and resources.

The first of the three meetings takes place on May 23rd in Stockholm followed by meetings in Berlin in June and London in September. We asked Dr. Jonathan Rock Rokem, one of the Lead Partners, about the vision for the series:

“This initiative highlights access to cultural institutions and places identified as important for integration processes and is highlighting the role of architecture and urban design in relation to unequal living conditions. Through participatory local initiatives, local citizens are co-producing perceptions on their urban living conditions. The art-architecture project The Kitchen Square plays a central role as an arena and a method strengthening important local social networks and making them visible.”


The MAPURBAN Project: University of Kent, Lead Partner (PI: Dr. Jonathan Rock Rokem) – KTH The Royal Institute of Technology (Co-Is Prof. Ann Legeby and Elin Strand Ruin) – Free University Berlin (Co-Is Prof. Anthony Schmiz and Dr. Sylvana Jahar) – University College London (Co-Is Prof. Laura Vaughan and Dr. Kimon Krenez)  – Coventry University (Co-I Prof. Susanne Wessendorf)

The Stockholm Team

KTH The Royal Institute of Technology
Region Stockholm
City of Sundbyberg
Marabouparken Konsthall
Collaborators: The Stockholm team
Stella Nova, Verdandi, Balder Property Developer, Restaurant Piazza



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