Exam’s Don’t Have To Be Doom And Gloom

Exam season is around the corner, we give you a few tips on revision, dealing with stress, and utilising your spring break, so your exams aren’t doom and gloom!

With spring term finishing, everyone’s minds will be casted to the looming exam season.

But, you needn’t be worried if you are prepared and refreshed.

It goes without saying, but the best way to get ahead is to start early. Start the spring break by reviewing your notes, watching lectures you may have missed, organise your notes and create summaries about topics. Get creative: create mind maps, use colour, make revision cards -as everyone takes knowledge in, in different ways. There are many studies to show that learning by hand and being creative helps with information retention.

Whether you are spending the break at home or on campus, a great way to learn is in groups. Organise virtual meetings or meetings in the library, in groups, to discuss materials and plan answers. You may find you learn from your peers extra information you may have missed, or dismissed, and the actually important and can get you better grades.

By now you should know what your best hours are for work. Whether you are a typical 9-5 worker, an early morning, or a night owl, doing work in your prime hours helps with the efficiency of your work.

Read the supporting materials and look online. We have all been there. Pretending to read supporting material, when you haven’t. This is the perfect time to read the materials you’ve missed, look further either online or in the library, to give yourself a greater depth of knowledge in the topics discussed, and secure yourself a top mark.

When the exam comes, make sure you read the questions carefully and are not bored of the materials before you have had the chance to express your passion for them. So take some breaks!

But, most importantly, remember its still a spring break! Make sure you enjoy your time off, see friends and family, play sports, go for walks, watch Netflix. Reward yourself for what you’ve achieved thus far, and reward yourself for doing revision.

If you do get ill over the spring break or before exams, make sure to have evidence and contact your Senior Tutor and HSS Admin, and they will help you.

If you have any questions about material or support, contact staff, because there is no such thing as a silly question.

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