September News RoundUp

After a quiet year on campus with most learning and working from home, it has been amazing to see the Canterbury campus absolutely buzzing with life this past few weeks. Then there’s the banging and drilling in Marlowe Building too… find out more in our latest News RoundUp.


  • After a quiet year on campus with most learning and working from home, it was amazing to see the Canterbury campus come back to life this Welcome Week. See what’s been going on.

An exciting addition is coming to the School…

  • The Imaging Centre for Life Sciences is in the process of preparing for a state-of-the-art microtomographic scanner that can produce 3D x-rays of objects at very high resolution. Find out more.

We did a TEDx Talk

  • Dr Jake Bicknell recently took part in a TedX event in Sevenoaks along with eight other speakers covering topics as wide as Autism, Social Media, Overcoming Fear, Sound and Silence. Watch here.

We featured on a podcast

  • Professor Tracy Kivell discussed her research in Biological Anthropology and Paleo-Anthropology as well as her experience in working alongside The GRASP Project and The European Research Council (ERC). Listen here.

The Stirling Lecture took place

Emma Raducanu won the US Open

  • Dr Martha Newson was asked on BBC Sounds news and current affairs programme if eighteen-year-olds today are different and a sign of change to what they can achieve? Learn more.

Is There a Relationship Between Football Hooliganism and Right-Wing Politics?

  • Following a short documentary depicting how football ‘hooligans’ are in association with the political ‘Far-Right’, Dr Martha Newson gave her expert commentary. Read it here.

Have you attended a rave since lockdown eased?

  • New research from Dr Martha Newson identified prosocial behaviours and bonding amongst people who attend raves, which may help explain why rave culture has endured for the last thirty years. Find out more.

And events we are looking forward to…

  • The Schools of Anthropology and Conservation, Economics, Politics and International Relations and Psychology met to discuss their many dynamic research groups, with a view to potential interdisciplinary collaboration. Find out more.
  • The Annual Kent-Kew Distinguished Ethnobotanist Lecture will take place in Kew Gardens with guest speaker, botanist and ethnobotanist Professor Manuel Pardo-de-Santayana. Book your ticket.

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