Dr Jake Bicknell takes part in Kent TedX event.

Earth’s environmental pandemic affects all of us. In this celebration of our planet, Dr Bicknell reminds us of the special world we live in, and gives us some surprising tips on how we can all do our bit towards making Earth a better and safer place for future generations

Dr Jake Bicknell recently took part in a TedX event in Sevenoaks along with eight other speakers covering topics as wide as Autism, Social Media, Overcoming Fear, Sound and Silence. Jake’s talk was about, of course, conservation. TEDx Talks are a showcase for speakers presenting well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes, because an audience is good at focusing on one subject at a time in relatively short chunks.

Why is our planet so special? Is it too late to save our planet? How can I help?

‘I’m passionate about conserving nature,’ Jake told us, ‘so it’s a real pleasure to be able to spread the word about why and how we can protect our planet. It was a great event at TEDx Sevenoaks, where eight speakers from all subjects gave the audience plenty to think about! I won’t be forgetting it quickly. I hope that people will be inspired share my important message.’

He would love for you to share the message widely. Check it out. Share it with your friends.

Jake’s TEDx talk is available to watch here. 

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