2021 DICE Twitter Conference

This novel conference featured presentations by DICE students, staff and alumni, all following the #DICECON21 hashtag to join in on the Twitter social media platform.

The DICE Twitter Conference took place over two days Thursday 29th and Friday 30th July featuring presentations from DICE students, staff, honorary, associate and Advisory Board members, and alumni.

‘A Twitter conference’ is a way to share research and network, with each presenter able to present six tweets about their work -an exciting opportunity to learn about the wide range of research being conducted around the world from the comfort of your home, office or field station.

Starting at 09:00 UK there were lots of great presentations by DICE students, staff and alumni all following #DICECON21 hashtag to join in.

‘One of the strengths of DICE is our fantastic network of members,’ Professor Bob Smith told us ‘honorary and associate colleagues, students and alumni who work together to achieve the DICE mission. This conference will highlight the high-quality, practical, applied conservation research carried out by DICE members around the world.’

‘For many of us who haven’t been able to meet face to face and get to know people within DICE (thanks to the You Know What), the twitter platform has been a great way to break down communication barriers,’ PhD candidate and co-organiser Michaela Lo told us ‘to (re)connect and feel part of the DICE community. Our aim was to make the conference as friendly and inclusive as possible, which was certainly achieved, and that wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing DICE presenters and chairs, so big shout out to them for making this conference a huge success.’

‘We hope this has been an enriching opportunity for learning and growth for participants and DICE members, especially students who are about to begin, or at the start of their career journey.’ she continued ‘Going forward, we hope this conference has opened new doors to network, collaborate, and build new and lasting friendships with colleagues. So again, a huge thanks to everyone for the enthusiasm and engagement they brought to the conference. Bring on #DICECON22!’

The presentations covered such diverse topics as

  • Conservation effectiveness
  • Livelihoods, well-being and outreach
  • Wildlife trade and sustainable use
  • Species monitoring and conservation
  • Ecological landscapes and seascapes
  • Human-wildlife coexistence

Many thanks to Jacob Bentley, Jake Bicknell, Glyn Davies, Nick Deere, Hazel Jackson, Matt Linkie, Claire Raisin, and Janine Robinson for chairing and presenting sessions.

See here for the schedule and abstracts.


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