Public Anthropology in Times of Crisis

On Tuesday 25 May 25, Professor Shahram Khosravi from the University of Stockholm will give a talk in our Public Anthropology in Times of Crisis research seminar series.

Waiting, a state of consciousness

“Etymologically, the origins of the word ‘wait’ indicate ‘to watch’ and to ‘be awake.’ Border waiting engenders wakefulness and vigilance. The person in a state of waiting constantly thinks about her or his waiting.

Border waiting means constantly updating oneself about legislations, new legal openings and conventions. It also means tirelessly collecting documents, finding new resources, updating networks and at the same time be watchful about one’s own deportability or the risk of missing a deadline.

In this talk, I will discuss waiting as wakeful navigation through material struggles in the present and as a daily practice to direct one’s mind toward the not-yet.”

Join the Zoom Meeting 

  • Zoom link
  • Meeting ID: 889 1589 1017
  • Passcode: 096294
  • Convener: Dr Zerrin Ozlem Biner
  • Time: 4-6 pm (UK time)

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