The recent launch of the EcoGeog Society

Rio Finch, stage 2 Human Geography student, and the founder and President of EcoGeog, introduces this new society, which is aimed at Human Geography and Environmental Social Science students but is open to all.


“The reason the committee and myself started this society is to provide a close relationship between Human Geography students, Environmental Social Science students, other societies and groups, and the staff at the School of Anthropology and Conservation and wider University. With this initiative we wish to fuel our societies five overarching aims.

“Firstly, to provide Academic Support. Within this aim we will provide a platform to work with staff to achieve a greater understanding of modules that run on the Human Geography and Environmental Social Science courses. Furthermore, using platforms such as KISS (Kent’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Studies), we aim to work with external speakers to provide deeper and richer knowledge of these disciplines.

“Our second aim is to have an Action Programme. This programme will aim to use EcoGeog Soc to bolster any local initiatives, either from outside charities or University of Kent societies.

“Thirdly aim is to provide Socials. Whether this be through online forums such as Gather Town, or when life gets back to a ‘new normal’ have drinks on campus or around Canterbury.

“Our fourth aim is to create a close Human Geography and Environmental Social Sciences community. Bridging between all the stages and promoting cutting edge interdisciplinarity.

“Our fifth and final aim is to work closely and foster collaborations with other groups and societies. Further promoting our second aim, where we want to work with groups, such as the Sustainability Network, this aim focuses on wider societies and groups. With my personal long-term aim, as President, is to work with InQuire Media to create a National Geographic type section within their society.

“We are not a ‘closed society’. As Human Geography and Environmental Social Sciences are interdisciplinary courses, anyone broadly interested in geographical and spatial thought and in promoting and environmental sustainability agenda can join, to help us understand the impact on our changing world.”

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