Biological Anthropology Seminar Series, Autumn Term 2020

Four images of different species of primate (Professor Elton's talk) and images of football supporters (Dr Newson's talk)

Each term, the Biological Anthropology Seminar Series offers the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with scientists in the UK and across the world, who specialise in a broad variety of fascinating topics such as primatology, human behaviour and psychology, evolutionary anthropology, archaeology and forensic bioarchaeology.

For the Autumn term 2020, we are privileged to virtually receive two fantastic speakers:

3rd Nov.Professor Sarah Elton (University of Durham) will share with us how the many different species of monkey alive today have adapted to survive in varied and challenging environments in her talk:
Exploring evolutionary processes in the radiation of Old World monkeys.


17th Nov.Dr Martha Newson (University of Kent) will present a talk on human behaviour and psychology that offers a different way of thinking about events in our daily lives in her talk:
The evolution of the tribe: parochial altruism in modern football fans.

Seminars will take place between 15:30 and 16:45 via Microsoft Teams.

We also have limited spaces (20) in the Swingland Room, Marlowe Building if you are on campus and would like to join us while remaining socially distanced. Physical spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis and this may change depending on University guidance. For more information, please contact Dr Marine Cazenave or Dr Christopher Dunmore.

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