Welcome from the University of Kent’s Conservation Society

Members of the Conservation Society with Dame Jane Goodall
  "Members of the Conservation Society with Dame Jane Goodall" by James Kloda.

We are the University of Kent’s Conservation Society. We have been established for many years now and, though we are an academic society associated with the School of Anthropology and Conservation, we welcome students from other Schools across the University who are interested in sustainability issues and protecting the environment. Our main objectives include raising awareness about the importance of our planet and the species in it, as well as improving the environment locally and on campus.

Our focus does not only cover Kent but also other parts of the UK, as well as countries around the world. We have a committee of seven people who, with their respective roles, come up with events that try to engage as many students as possible. Some of the events we have held previously include documentary screenings,  a ‘Conservation Week’, where different conservation activities and projects occurred every day, as well as organising peaceful demonstrations protesting climate change.

This year, despite the impacts that the current global pandemic is having on our communities, we will be continuing our environmental activism and aim to expand our memberships and the society as a whole. We also plan to have further collaborations alongside other societies that share our ethos, such as ECS (Enviromental. Conservation. Sustainability), Debating Society, Anthropology Society, MUN (Model United Nations), to not only involve more people, but also collaborate across events to widen awareness and participation.

In keeping within guidelines for all of our safety, we also plan to have weekly debates and socials, field trips and increase our social media use, as we understand the extent to which people in our generation age use it. Our society highlights the significance of protecting our planet for a better future and it is essential for everyone to practice these tenets in a unique and engaging way.

We looking forward to welcoming you all in the upcoming academic year!

If you would like to get involved or for more information, please contact conservation@kentunion.co.uk or visit our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram sites.

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