Video commemorating Dr Jane Goodall’s annual DICE Lecture now available

Dr Jane Goodall

World-renowned conservationist and ethologist Dr Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, delivered this year’s annual Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) Lecture.

Taking place in a sold-out Woolf College, a video, featured below, has been put together featuring the highlights of Dr Goodall’s talk, ‘Gombe and Beyond: Chimpanzees, conservation and change‘, alongside a feature-length recording of the occasion.

Professor Bob Smith, Director of DICE, says, “It was the perfect way to celebrate our 30th Anniversary and being awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize. Dr Goodall is such a captivating speaker and we were privileged to hear all about her distinguished career and insights on conserving the natural world.”

Professor Tracy Kivell, Head of School, concurred: “It was a such an honour to welcome Dame Jane Goodall to our School, not only as a leading voice in conservation, but also personally as a biological anthropologist. Her research fundamentally changed our understanding of chimpanzees and, in turn, our views on what it means to be human. Tool use, empathy, intelligence, cooperation – these are all things we share with chimpanzees.”

DICE alumnus Kieran Richardson, who Dr Goodall presented with the Sir Robert Worcester Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Student, thought that, “Given how difficult studying or working in conservation can feel at times, with huge global challenges that often seem insurmountable, it was really inspiring to listen to someone who has achieved so many great things that still believes in hope for the future.”

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