Student-led video released of the School’s declaration of a Climate and Environmental Emergency

Members of the Sustainability Working Group outside the School of Anthropology and Conservation
  "Staff and students of the SAC Sustainability Working Group" by James Kloda.

In September 2019, the School of Anthropology and Conservation (SAC) declared a Climate and Environmental Emergency, the first academic School at the University of Kent to do so. A student-led video has been put together to commemorate the occasion.

Head of School and Professor of Biological Anthropology, Tracy Kivell, believes that, “It was such a fantastic, energising way to kick off our academic year. This is a student-led initiative and their leadership and passion for this has been so inspiring. We are delighted that SAC is leading the university on how we, and all of Kent, can become more sustainable.”

Lecturer in Conservation Science, Dr Charlie Gardner, who leads the SAC Sustainability Working Group with Dr Miguel Alexiades, a collaborative network of students and staff, has said, “On a personal level, what has thrilled me most has been that the whole process has been such a close collaboration between students and staff. It is our students that have been the driving force in this, and it has been wonderful to work so closely with them – not as their lecturer or tutor, but, for once, as ‘colleagues’.”

A film of the Climate and Environmental Emergency Declaration can be viewed below.

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