Study Plus – coppicing, basket making and hazel fencing

Basket Making - Study Plus
  "Basket Making - Study Plus" by Dr Ian Bride.

Study Plus allows University of Kent students to improve employability skills, develop personal creativity and expand cultural and academic knowledge.  They are free, short-term, non-credit bearing courses which allow you try something different!!

Dr Ian Bride leads Study Plus courses on Woodland Coppicing and Woodland Crafts.  These fascinating, practical and super fun courses are run at Billhook Nook in Brotherhood Woods.  Last term students enjoyed learning about sustainable woodland management, creating witches brooms, coppicing, basket making and building their own Christmas wreathes.  This term’s course includes coppicing, brash fencing, basket making, Betel Mania (wooden mallets), small tree felling and Hazel hurdles (fence panels).

Study Plus courses appear on your final degree transcript so are a fabulous way to demonstrate the diversity of your interests and skills.  Maybe join up for one next year? 

Wreath making - Study Plus
Wreath making – Study Plus

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