Major Report on Global Goals and the Environment published

Dr Rob Fish

A major new report, evaluating progress on the environmental dimensions of the sustainable development goals, has been launched by DICE researchers at an international conference on Valuing Nature. The report was co-led by Dr Robert Fish and funded by NERC as part of its international development, innovation and impact initiative.

Dr Fish said, “The report is designed to elaborate synergies between the Global Goals and our efforts to protect and conserve the natural environment. We reviewed the state of research in China, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Columbia, South Africa and India, and have sought to identify where future research agendas might be usefully directed.”

The report was co-written with the Centre for Hydrology and Ecology and included a number of current and recent researchers: Dr Ian Bride, Dr Valeria Boron (WWF) and Laura Whitfield (Natural England)

You can find the report here.

Valuing Nature conference

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